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How to control poultry house environment during winter?

It is usually said that air quality inside a poultry house is crucial and that maintaining the air quality is important. But how will you judge the air quality inside the house? There are many people that regard good air quality as one in which the concentration of ammonia is 25ppm or lower, in which carbon dioxide concentration is 5000ppm or lower, and carbon monoxide concentration is 50ppm or lower.

However, it may be mentioned here that the ventilation rates that are minimum are necessarily not on the basis of oxygen concentration. Moisture control ought to be the main purpose of optimum ventilation. And this can be maintained if the Rh or relative humidity is maintained in the range between 40% and 60%.

How does it work?

In order to better understand the nuances of poultry house controller, let us consider the following instances. If the Rh is maintained …