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Data Will Take Center Stage at One Major Healthcare Conference

Data is everywhere at all times, whether in digital forms or others. Some industries have already done an excellent job of making the most of data, but others are still catching up.

At one upcoming healthcare industry conference, data will be the overriding focus. As the schedule, speaker list, and details at make clear, data has a great deal to offer to healthcare.

Making Better Use of Data to Benefit Healthcare Patients, Payers, and Participants

The field of healthcare analytics is a relatively young one, but it is developing and growing rapidly. Using healthcare analytics to draw conclusions about large collections of data is already proving to be an extremely powerful tool. At the next installment of the annual Healthcare Analytics Summit, talks, sessions, and presentations will cover subjects like:

  • Value-based care. For many years, healthcare services in the United States have been priced in ways that rarely reflect the actual value they provide. Being able to analyze huge collections of data finally makes it possible to estimate the contributions that particular types of healthcare actually make. While truly value-based care remains a fairly amorphous and far-off goal, progress is definitely being made.
  • Data availability. Electronic health records hold important information about patients, but they never come close to painting a complete picture. Making full use of healthcare analytics requires increasing the availability of other types of data. In fact, finding ways of collecting more data and making it more accessible can easily be the key to any given initiative.
  • Machine learning. Hardly a day goes by without some important-sounding new breakthrough in the field of machine learning being announced. Far too few of these so far have centered on the especially important arena of healthcare, however. As more data becomes more readily available, machine learning will undoubtedly begin to make more of an impact on healthcare.

Understanding Data as a Path Toward Better Healthcare

With issues like these being of increasing interest and importance in so many healthcare contexts, learning more can only pay off. What has become amply clear is that the most successful healthcare organizations of the near future will leverage data in truly profound ways.